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My Asus fx517zm crashes quit a lot

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My fx517zm crashes quit a lot recently like the photo, I’ve no idea why. It tends to stay like this for half to a minute, then it restarts.

I bought it in November 2022, and this has happened over 20 times.

(when I bought it, the shop helped me to add an additional 16 RAM, I don’t know if there’s anything to do with that


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This looks like driver related issues.

Purge your computer using DDU v18.0.5.9 for all graphic drivers and turn off the automatic updating from windows update.

Install the graphic driver from ASUS itself but just the driver only (no control panel or such)

if you have that PC with Intel then instaall only the driver for it.

It could be instable graphic card drivers with the latest drivers from NVIDIA or AMD/INTEL

I went to the asus website, it only has 2 NVIDIA graphic driver and 1 INTEL graphic driver, there isn't a ASUS graphic driver, which one should I download.
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