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MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 Adapter "Cannot Start" + "Doesn't Exist" + BSOD (DPC Watchdog Violation)

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System: Windows 11 Home 64-Bit 10.0.22000
Battery or AC: Both
Model: ASUS TUF Gaming F17 (FX706LI.310)
Reset OS: Yes
Frequency of occurrence: Ongoing, Consistant
Screenshot or video: Yes. Your system won't let me post them...
Detailed description:
On one hand, I'm thankful to not be alone here. On the other hand... I know that means some of you are in the same painful situation...
The WiFi option occasionally vanishes from the quick menu at the right, and no, it's not hidden away... It's gone.
As soon as the computer tried to do anything, it would freeze and BSOD with the same error. I didn't need to browse crash logs to guess that the BSOD was from the MediaTek driver. I read online that it could've also been a ssd thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case since both internal and external drives work fine.
So what have I done?
Reset the OS - It booted back up without a wifi option, but it hasn't crashed since.
MyASUS - Completely useless. "Something's being done about the WiFi"? No secret update to install, nothing changes.
Update Driver - Would be nice if it was listed to begin with.
Install/Reinstall Driver - The Driver listed on the ASUS website for my model is the Intel LAN Driver. Didn't work, but it wasn't really going to, was it? Got redirected to the Lenovo website on one occasion. That didn't work either.
Hold Power Button for 60 seconds - I was skeptical, but I recall having done something similar when my Bluetooth adapter had a similar hissy fit. Only worked as a temporarily solution since the WiFi option was gone within a few minutes.
Professionally Serviced / Get a new Laptop - I really don't have the money for that right now and the computer is totally fine besides the missing WiFi error.
[Technically...] I can still use the internet on this laptop because my WiFi extender has an Ethernet option. I don't intend for it to be the permanent solution since a missing WiFi adapter might cause another flurry of BSOD soon. If there is such a legendary driver version or a magical patch that'll fix everything, please get it public ASAP.

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Me too running Windows. The procedure worked for me and it makes sense that something is up with bios settings as the card was detected after bios settings was presumed cleared by doing the "long" press on the power button.
There is a long thread about this in a Microsoft forum also, a googling should find it (don't have the link here), But there looks like there are many ways of fixing this.
Good luck find a solution that works for you.

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i can't access anything in the bios. Only get Simple Mode, one other mode, and the ability to look at all the icons rather than interact with them.

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