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Bios update cause bsod driver verifier dma violation

Star I

Hi, my asus laptop was having wifi problems so I came here found fixes to try none of them worked and now I have a bsod when I try to reset my laptop, bios version is the latest one and i got it from the myasus app my device s/n is M7N0CX1******** no fixes from asus or Microsoft have helped if anyone with any actual experience knows how to help please reply it has been over a month since I was able to play a game on it or even watch youtube,  my wifi used to disconnect and say cant connect to this network but now it stays connected just doesnt load anything 



I recommend referring to the following FAQ to uninstall and reinstall the wireless network card driver.
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO/MiniPC] Troubleshooting - Computer Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Issues

If the issue persists, I suggest backing up your data, restoring the system, and then checking again.
[Windows 11/10] How to reset the PC
We apologize for any inconvenience.