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Maximum RAM for the Asus E210MA

Star I


I have the ASUS E210 and want to clarify how much RAM the notebook can suppoprt as on the web page it lists both 4gb and 8gb as the maximum that can be installed. ( ).

Can someone clear this up ?







What you pointed out is the thermal module, it doesn't have any memory slots underneath it.
Thank you.

Regarding the memory specifications, there are two options available: one is 4GB, and the other is 8GB. 
Thank you.

See that is misleading to me, which is it 4gb or 8gb as the ,maximum RAM it can take . Also where on the motherboard screenshot are the ram sltos located?

Also will Readyboost work on this model if the RAM can't be physically updated on the motherboard . I've installed a 256 ssd drive but haven't had it set as the primary drive.

As previously explained, as for this model, the memory is soldered onto the motherboard and cannot be upgraded/replaced.
Thank you.

And what about readyboost ?