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How many ram slots do i have?

Star I

I have asus tuf f15 laptop
in task manager i can see that currently 2 of 4 slots is in use and i have 16gb, i want upgrade to 32gb and i dont know, cause i never seen a laptop with 4 slots, and i dont wanna buy 2 sticks of ram for nothing, so help me.



The FX506HE has only two memory slots instead of four.
There are 2 RAM slot on this model, each support up to 16GB, so total would be 32GB.
Thank you.

so my 2 slots are arleady in use and i need to buy 2 sticks by 16gb, instead by 8 as i have now to have 32?

and what is max frequency for ram, 3600 or maybe 4000, cause now i have only 3200 and want lil more

Your laptop supports DDR4 (3200MHz) memory, and it appears that you were originally using two 8GB memory modules. Therefore, you can consider purchasing two 16GB memory modules for an upgrade. Thank you.