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FA707XI BIOS updates failing after 307 BIOS update

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I was given the link to this site by an ASUS representative from youtube.

I have an FA707XI laptop and as part of the normal updating process it downloaded and installed BIOS update 307, all went well the BIOS flashes and I have had no issues, then MyASUS said that BIOS 308 was out and that I need to update to it, I did so and may laptop rebooted and sat at a blank screen for 2 hours. 

I did a hard reset and got back into windows where I downloaded the 308 BIOS update file and placed that on a USB Flash drive, I then rebooted the machine and went into the BIOS to use the ezFlash utility, it found the file on the USB drive and told me that it would reboot in 3 seconds, it did so and again got stuck at a blank screen again.

So far as I can work out, BIOS update 307 has corrupted something in the ezFlash update utility, so now I'm stuck with 307 and no way to update the BIOS.



I have forwarded the information to the relevant department. 
We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

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It is important to update the BIOS, the BIOS version is compatible with the PC. Also, the backup should be done. The best way to update the BIOS is to use BIOS Update Software. 


The technical team would like to inquire if you have installed a 5600Hz RAM by yourself.
If so, may we ask if replacing it with the DDR5 4800Hz RAM we provided (the two included with the shipment) and trying the update again has resulted in any improvements? 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

I replaced the RAM with the original 4800Mhz sticks and the 308 BIOS updated, I'v enever heard of a BIOS not updating with crucial official RAM upgrades, however, now that the 308 BIOS has been updated, the MY ASUS package installed a VBIOS update and now the bottom 16 pixels of the screen flicker with images from the top of the screen when I am using Optimus Graphics, it stops if I switch to the dedicated 4070 GPU.. so now I have a new problem.