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Can i turn of dGPU (GTX 1650) to save power?

System: Asus TUF Gaming A15Battery or AC: BatteryModel: FA506IH (Ryzen 5 - 4600H; GTX 1650)Frequency of occurrence: alwaysReset OS: No (windows 11 Dev)Screenshot or video: No========================Detailed description:Currently i get 2-2.5 Hours of ...

Random stuttering on AMD systems (Clues to fix)

System: G17 STRIX 2021 & TUF FX505Battery or AC: BothModel: G713QR & FX505DDFrequency of occurrence: Uncommon, maybe 1-2 times a week for me.Reset OS: YesScreenshot or video: Unable to catch it========================Detailed description:Random stutt...

Service Manual for Asus UL80vt

System: Battery or AC: Model: Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:I am looking for a service manual NOT a user manual for Asus UL80vyt

Cannot register ZenWiFi ET8

I cannot register my new ZenWiFi ET8: the product is not listed in the "Product Name" pulldown menu. For that matter, the older ZenWiFi XT8 is not listed. Any ideas how to work around this?

Resolved! Product Registration Failed: Product is already registered

Got this system as a gift, can you please me register it? im having an error when i register it through myAsus appSystem: G513QYBattery or AC: BothModel: G513QYFrequency of occurrence: alwaysReset OS: alreadyScreenshot or video: ===================...

Qiqo by Star II
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External docking station issue

Battery or AC: ACModel: ASUS StudioBook 15H500GVFrequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Windows 10 (21H1)Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Hey Folks, I´m trying to connect the laptop to an external docking, in this case, Co...

Zenwifi XT8: Turn off wifi on a schedule

Is that possible?I'm not going to use the wifi between midnight and 6:30. I'd like my kids to sleep at those times too. Not having wifi helps for that. Kids, you can't knock 'em out with a hammer. That is usually frowned upon... Turning each device o...

Institute a "Networking" Community on ZenTalk!

I have some questions on my Zenwifi XT8 Mesh system. I'm slightly autistic and have no idea where to ask them in this site. They are neither phones nor laptops.So odd there is no such place for a company that markets so many networking devices and ha...


Is it alright to place a humidifier near my laptop? Does it cause any problems or not?

Hubro by Star I
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