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ASUS TUF FX505GT Stuttering/Freezing

System: Asus TUF FX505GT
Battery or AC: AC
Model: FX505GT
Frequency of occurrence: Frequent
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:Specs of my laptop
GTX 1650 4gb
16gb (Single Channel)
Bios: 305
I have this problem on whatever game I play, I have this stuttering/freezing and it occurs frequently. I don't know what happen but my laptop doesnt do this. I have just bought it last august and this happenning frequent. Even from the start, it already have this but it seems to go worse. What should I do? Why this laptop model has TOO MANY PROBLEMS. I always promote ASUS to my friends but when I bought this laptop it have changed my mind. Hope anyone can help me. It was bothering if I need to go to service center and what could I tell them?
Mostly using the laptop for online class and minimal gaming only.

Community Legend II
Hello Christopher1696,
May you help to update BIOS, the latest is 309 and also check if your Windows update are all completed?
Thank you.

I was afraid of updating on 309 since there seems to be new problems with the new bios.

By the way thank you @Blake_ASUS , I just can't risk of updating it to 309. Since I using it for my education, I needed it to be having good performance (Thus I can't just send to it Service Center). To specify what problem I have, while gaming I have this sudden frame drop or hanging lasting for 1-2 secs. That's why I'm where did that coming from is it software or hardware? (I'm using fraps to see my fps btw)

Community Legend II
Hello Christopher1696,
There is quite a lot of factors that can affect on this issue,
BIOS setting, internet, CPU, GPU, WIFI card....
Thank you.