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Asus TUF A17 FA706QR-HX004T Keyboard Brightness FN+Arrow Up/Down Not working, wrong serialnr in BIOS

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System: win 10
Battery or AC: Both
Model: Asus TUF Gaming A17 FA706QR-HX004T
Frequency of occurrence: Last couple of weeks/month and constant since
Reset OS: No
Screenshot or video: No
Detailed description:Hi all i also have been struck by the bad bios update, have been gone for a while so i cannot be sure as to when the update was applied to my system but nevertheless it was a windows update. Bios shows serial number as SSN12345678901234567 Bios version FA706QR.410
The thing that got affected was the FN+Arrow up/down for brightness controll that stopped working.
I deleted armoury crate but kept the standalone software for the rgp intact
(Lightning Control v.1.07.79_v2.2)
tried a couple of other software like openrgb, but none gave me back the ability to change the brightness.
Please send me the fix that i have read about in different threads, but for my model
Serial Number : M4NRCX024******
Brand new laptop only couple of moths old, came with OS pre-installed
Thank you


Serial Number : MANRCX04P******

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Your laptop model is FX706HEB which is different from OP's.
Could you please go to the BIOS to confirm whether the product serial number can be displayed correctly?
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] How to enter the BIOS configuration | Official Support | ASUS Global

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Thank you so much for your help,
What stock program do i need to reinstall to add the functions back. I went ahead and deleted all the ROG software that was preinstalled on my pc because i thought they were buggy. That was before i discovered this thread. Which software do i need if you could kindly note it down for me ( I want the stand alone software not Armoury-Crate )

PS : Have you heard why all my power plans have gone missing? silent, balanced and high performance. They dissapeared the same time as my keyboard light issue.
Thank you kindley again

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