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Armoury Crate forget settings

Rising Star II

#Rog Strix G16

I have this problem when i setup some settings after restart of the laptop or restart the application armoury crate forget some of the settings

First setting that forget is Aura Sync, Sync device,Aura Effect on the photo that i post on NUMBER 1 

My settings was different before i restart my laptop also color ,effects,brigthess was synchronized (Rog Gladius 3 wireless) but after the restart everything is changed even the brigthess of the keyboard is turned off also i wont to mention i dont use any Scenario Profiles that can make some changes for some applications


Here the problem is everytime i turn this option OFF but after restart everytime this option is ON and i dont wont it ON becouse for some applications that changes the color of the aura effect but the armory crate dont remember my settings and turn it ON everytime


 Also last thing to mention the laptop is used on charger becouse i know if i use it from charger to battery that can make some changes becouse of the power plan but the laptop is use only on charger whit same settings everytime that i make untill the next restart 



For your question, we recommend posting it here to seek answers. 
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No problem i make my post there and i wait now. Thank you for the answering 🙂