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AIMesh working perfectly until Dec-2020, Jan-2021 & Feb-2021 Firmware Updates.

Star I
System: AIMesh
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ROG Rapture GT-5300 and RT-AC88U
Frequency of occurrence: Continually
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description: ROG Rapture GT-5300 (AIMesh Router) and four RT-AC88U (AIMesh Nodes) running AIMesh network perfectly until the ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware version update. And none of the follow firmware updates for both models of routers will allow the reestablishment of an AIMesh network. AIMesh joining /pairing (cabled or wireless) between ROG Rapture GT-5300 (AIMesh Router) and four RT-AC88U (AIMesh Nodes) is successful, but the node will immediately go offline and will never reconnect. And the node object in the AIMesh Router interface will disappear after reboot. Even only using two RT-AC88U routers AIMesh Router and Node end with the same exact failed results. How can I resolve this?