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No access to the Internet from some wifi connected devices (ZenWifi XT-8 Mesh system)

Star I

I have some devices that no longer get Internet connection when connected to Wifi via my ZenWifi XT-8 router. They are all devices that I previously had linked to a family member profile with parental settings and had applied schedules and restrictions to, but I've now deleted the family profile. It can't be coincidence that these are the devices that can connect to wifi but get no internet though? Is it possible that some of the settings are retained when the profile is deleted? If so, how can I clear any device specific settings? Is there some device table I can access if I SSH into the router?
I asked support who recommended a factory reset of the system of course. Setting everything up again (named devices, SSH keys, ISP settings etc would be hours of work - I'd rather fix the problem directly without needing to set everything up from scratch again.

In Parental Controls in the Asus interface, "Web & Apps Filters" are switched off. "Enable block all devices" is switched off. "Enable Time Scheduling" is switched off.
In AiProtection I have that switched on, but  the system doesn't record any devices being blocked.
Under Wireless MAC filter, the feature is switched off.

Can anyone save me factory resetting the device?


Rising Star II

Save a configuration file.  Make sure it works by restoring it over the current one.  Then hard reset and restore.  (That’s what I would try)…

Hi @milhouse ,

based on your question, can you confirm that parental controls and other restriction settings have been completely disabled, and ensure that MAC filtering is also turned off? 

If you have confirmed that the settings in the router's management interface have been restored to default values but still cannot connect to the network, we suggest trying to perform a factory reset on the router. 

You can refer to the FAQ below for detailed operating steps.

[Wireless Router] How to reset the router to factory default setting? | Official Support | ASUS Glob...

Thank you.