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Asus RT-AC68U Operational with All Settings, but Suddenly Can't Log In

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Hopefully someone can help me. Out of the blue, I can't log into my ASUS router. The power went out recently, I don't know if that had something to do with it. Suddenly, my login credentials no longer work. Nor do the default login credentials. But the weird thing is all the settings are still intact -- my reserved IPs are the same and my SSIDs and WiFi settings haven't changed. I just can't get in. It's really strange.

This router is pretty old and has served me well for a long time -- maybe 7 years or more? Not even sure any more. I already bought a new one to replace it, but I was hoping to at least log in one last time to double check my settings and review my DHCP reservations and any ports I may have forwarded.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening and know of a solution? If I factory reset, then I could log in with the default credentials, but it will wipe out the settings.


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This has happened to me and my sister before.  I have an RT-AC88U and she has a newer AX version of that one.  Both of us run stock firmware that's up to date.  My router one time did what yours is doing and I had to factory reset it to get back in.  Never could figure out what happened but, since I check regularly, I'm sure it wasn't hacked.  Just a glitch.

Then a short time ago my sister's router did the same thing.  Out of the blue she couldn't get in.  Same sort of event - just could not get in.  Had to hard reset as well since there's no way to get in without a valid username and password.

So, unless the router somehow reverted back to the default credentials (try that if you have not already) your only solution is to reset and start over.  Note - it pays to regularly log in and review your settings so they are easy to change if this happens again.  You can also try exporting your settings and restoring them once you're back in but I have found that to be unreliable and sometimes just does not work (I regularly export my settings and, when problems crop up and I reset, attempt to restore them but the router usually balks and won't accept them.)

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Wow, really?   Does ASUS read these forums?  This sounds like a major bug they need to address in their routers.

Hi @deaftolight ,

we apologize for the inconvenience caused by your inability to access the router's user control page through the connected device. 

We recommend trying the following steps to resolve the issue:

Please refer to the FAQ link below, which provides some common troubleshooting methods:

[Troubleshooting] Why am I unable to access my ASUS router’s settings page? | Official Support | ASU...

If the above steps still do not resolve your issue, we suggest resetting the router to its factory default settings and then reconfiguring the password. 

Please note that resetting to factory defaults will erase all settings, and you will need to reconfigure everything.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.