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Has my ZenWifi XD5 router been compromised?

Star I

I'm experiencing an odd issue with my router. It's an XD5 model, but occasionally it starts up as XD4PRO, and other times as XD5, as seen on the admin page.

Any changes I attempt to save are not preserved; the router always reverts to the settings that I once initially set, this happens after each restart. Consequently, I cannot change WiFi settings, passwords, or similar configurations.

We have tried updating with all available BIOS/firmware versions listed on Asus's website.

We've also started the router in rescue mode and tried installing all the firmware updates through this method. The "Firmware Restoration" process indicates success, but when logging into the router, it still shows the old version of firmware with the same issues.

We have performed a factory reset through the admin settings.

We have also factory reset the router by holding down the reset button.

However, each time the router is restarted, it reverts to this firmware with the old settings:

Firmwares we have tested:

  • XD5_3.0.0.4_388_23347-g4b5bfc3_nand_squashfs.pkgtb
  • XD5_3.0.0.4_388_23949-g62861d5_nand_squashfs.pkgtb
  • FW_ZENWIFI_XD5_300438650001.pkgtb

All these are listed on Asus’s website under the ZenWifi XD5 product.

The other two WiFi devices have been updated and are working fine.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @brotherjohn ,

thank you for your inquiry. 

Based on your description, we understand that you have tried some solutions but still cannot update the router firmware to the latest version, and it may also be recognized as a different model of router during startup.

In this case, we recommend sending the router to the nearest official repair center, where our engineers will diagnose the issue to ensure your router operates correctly. You can refer to the link below for the locations of the repair centers to find the nearest service point.

Official Support | ASUS Global

Thank you.