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Speaker tone when CPU goes above 50%

Star I

Currently have a new system to process drone images.  ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI II, 64-core 5995WX Threadripper, ASUS TUF 4070TI, 256GB of OWC DDR4-3200MHz (8 sticks), Corsair AX1600 PSU, all in a Corsair 7000D chassis.  When the application pushes the system above 50% or about 60C there is a tone or what sounds like a warning coming from the computer.  Once it goes back below 50% the tone goes away.

Base speed on the 5995 is 2.9GHz, but system is running around 3.6GHZ. I have the latest BIOS but still get the tone.  I haven't made any tweaks to the BIOS to overclock.



Hello, @skippy255z 

Thank you for reaching out to us.
May I inquire whether the situation you've described occurred after any modifications were made?
For instance, a BIOS update or the connection of an external device
Could you kindly verify if the current BIOS version is 1201, released on June 7, 2023?
Regarding the situation you've described, we recommend that you clear the CMOS and check if the issue persists.

Thank you.