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Z790 ProArt built in igpu not working on i9 -13900K

Star I

I have a new ASus ProArt Z790-Creator motherboard, i9-13900K cpu. 

If its all put together with a graphics card it boots up fine.

If it take the card out the built in iGPU does not post. i have reset the cmos updated to latest Bios and still nothing.

All i get is 1 long 3 short then 1 long 4 short. the error looks like no GPU but the built in doesnt work which i need to get working and that CPU should work. 

I have also checked for bent pins and nothing as someone suggested that.

One more thing is when the card is in and i go to the bios you dont have an option for internal iGPU to boot from. I f anyone has a way to get it working.



Hello, @nic999 

May I ask if you have updated to the BIOS version 1402, released on October 6, 2023, and cleared the CMOS after the BIOS update?
If you enter the BIOS and adjust the primary display in the graphics configuration to [CPU Graphics], does it meet your requirements?
We recommend consulting the PRIME PROART TUF GAMING INTEL 700 Series BIOS Manual ( English Edition ) for further clarification on related settings. 

Thank you.

Bios is on that version , Cmos reset but tried again. Leaving the graphics card in and in the bios i go to primary disaply and select cpu graphics. Save reboot with lead in built in and balck screen and 1 long 3 short again

built in graphics just dont seem to work.

Hello, @nic999 

I apologize for the delayed response.
We suggest that you try adjusting the iGPU Multi-Monitor setting in BIOS>Advanced>System Agent(SA) Configuration and check again.
If possible, cross-test with another CPU or try the CPU on a different motherboard to isolate any potential issues.

Thank you.