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Warranty for asus proart x670e creator expired for brand new bought from amazon

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If there is an asus rep around, id' like to have some help.

I've just bought a brand new x670e proart board, sold and shipped by amazon france (not from marketplace or any third party reseller) on May 8.

I had also bought another x670e proart on May 2 but it was from amazon second hand, still from amazon france but used.

I tried to register both on my asus account but both are listed as out of warranty.

This is just incredible.

I had an asus rep on the phone who told me that for products bought from amazon, that was asus policy. Asus won't honor warranty. She didn't want to see my invoices and flat out denied any warranty possibility. The board is working fine for now but this is a very strong deterrent.

I am considering returning back the proart board and not buy from asus in the future. I want to be able to buy from amazon due to shipping convenience, but if it means asus doesn't honor warranty, i'll go to another board maker.

The motherboard had a free 5 year warranty extension (there's a qr code in the box for that). I assume it'll be impossible to take advantage of that.

I can forward the invoice in private.

Thanks for any help.





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Well, interesting vid from GamersNexus about Asus warranty and calling to boycott Asus:

I hope i'll get some response.

Hello, @pkv 

Thank you for reaching out.
According to How to inquire Warranty Status guide, if the user can’t provide the effective purchase invoice of the product, the product warranty will start from the date of device delivery according to the product S/N.
Therefore, kindly refer to the section titled "How to upload the purchase invoice" in the provided link to update your warranty information.

Thank you.

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Thanks for reaching out Jiaszzz_ASUS 

Unfortunately , this is what is displayed when I enter the serial:

We cannot check with the warranty status by this serial number, please help to contact the distributor or ASUS service center.

So I'm unable to reach the stage where I can upload the invoice.

There seems there is no way to benefit from the free 5 year warranty extension advertised on the motherboard box or from any warranty whatsoever since ASUS policy seems to be to deal directly with the retailer (amazon in my case).

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Screenshot of the warranty status inquiry page