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Future ROG Phone software features

Rising Star I

One feature I wish could be added to future updates in all ASUS phones is to include locally the ability to unlock the bootloader.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion regarding the closing of the ASUS unlock servers, preventing phone owners from both Rooting an/or developing custom ROMS for their devices.

A feature that would be useful would be if they could simply add a toggle to unlock the bootloader in developer settings. Other phone manufacturers like Oneplus have added the toggle inside of the developer settings then you would have to complete the process through a computer, making the process much easier. Google made it just as straightforward by allowing direct unlock through adb commands.

Aside from that, there should be the option to still receive updates to an unlocked device, something Oneplus and Google aslo do.

I understand ASUS phones are not necessarily developer or enthusiast phones, but the fact they are made with superb hardware and specs will attract the attention of people that wish to do said things.

Additionally, they are also somewhat niche phones, and ASUS could benefit by making the process easier, since they would add a huge consumer base of enthusiast and developers who would buy the phones simply to develop or work on them. I do not understand this fascination with forcing people into their software.


Zen Master II

100% agree.