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Rotate Home screen & app drawer

Since everything else in ZenFone 8 can rotate into landscape mode, why not also the home screen? Hope this feature will be implemented soon!

Showing Media Name on Vision Screen (ROG6 Pro)

Hello,The first thing that came into my mind after setting up Vision screen was how awesome it could be to show the music name currently being played on that small screen in the back. Basically if you are playing something on YT, Spotify or Music Pla...

Ryuk by Star I
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Wireless Charging

I currently got your Zenphone 8,I love it so very much, the only thing to make it perfekt, would to add Wireless Charging, Of course it would also be Nice to be able to zoom opticaly 10x, But that is only a Nice-to-have. But having Wireless Charging ...

Rog3 - Help the open source community

Release some sort of compiled libraries that we can implement in our open source A13 roms so we can still use airtriggers, speakers and such. If you can't release a proper phone after the rog3, then at least let us devs do it for ourselves.

Show GPS position in the camera picture

For example OpenCamera from Mark Harman (fetch from Google Play) shows in the lower right corner of the picture current GPS position, in decimal or in degrees and minutes. It is a very handy feature. Currentlt we can get printed on the picture only c...

Martin2 by Star III
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Export call logs and SMS/MMS exchanged into CSV

Hi, I wonder why the Phone application cannot export the phone call logs into a simple CSV file format, with start and end time, length of the call in HH:MM:SS and obviously also datetime YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, the called number and called name. Still not ...

Martin2 by Star III
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