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Features and feedback from your best Zenfone, that I miss now and hope to see.

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I wanted to share my feedback and point out features which I miss in new Zenfones, features that made one of your Zenfones one of best phones I ever seen and had used, but also disappointment brought by new series. So I want you to know that my feedback points out what I did like and what I miss now, hoping to see it in the future and it also contains real case scenarios why these features were amazing.
Just a short story: I found only two phones indestructible, easy to use and having all features I ever wanted. First was Samsung s7220 after which came my first touch screen phone. I am really tied to things I possess, because I try to have them for a very long time, hence picking carefully only those which would do their work properly, be long living products and I couldn't find a better phone than Asus Zenfone 3 ZE553KL

[Great Features]
So the journey begins, I have this phone till now, because I couldn't find a good replacement. I hope some designer will read this as the features are absolutely killer in every life situation, so what I love in the phone and I am absolutely thankful to person who designed this perfect little beast is:
5,5 Screen - I am amazed how this screen does the job. I can't bear to hold any bigger screen. Anything between 5,5+ and 6 is not comfortable. Anything 6+ is unbearable and I won't ever get such a phone. 5.5 Is ideal because the phone fits various lifestyles: If you work in corporation, physical work like grocery, warehouse, you're on a party, in your home, literally everywhere - Comfort of small screen that gives you everything you really need and fits your pocket, not making you feel uncomfortable
Headphones socket - I know we live in a world where technology allows wireless headphones, but not everyone really like that. Zenfone 3 has the comfort of having that headphone socket. Why it's so important? Because it's harder to lose headphones in the dark, when they are attached to cable, not just consist of earplugs for example. It's easier to find them at home, when you're in hurry and need to run but you can't survive without music out there. It's harder to lose them when they are hanging on your shirt and you don't need to worry and search pockets if you did lose them or not - They're just there, you see and feel them, you can be calm.
Front touch menu - Another grand feature that is perfect balance between old and new. When someone used oldschool phones, and/or works on keyboards, the front pane is absolutely perfect for him. It has Home, Tabs and Back "buttons" which are extremely powerful. Instead of the same brick with screen that everyone has, this gives phone powerful front menu helping navigation and a good look. All you need under 3 visible touch buttons. Physical button in Zenfone 4 is awful. - Stylish and very powerful.
Fingerprint sensor on the back - My last feature I love. It is a great ease of life in every life scenario and also very stylish. When people pick up their long bricks from pockets and touch the screen or wave in front of their faces, I put my hand to my pocket and while pulling out the phone I unlock it with my finger. Before phone reaches out of my pocket - it is unlocked and waiting for action. It makes things look stylish, quick and fluent, as with single move you get the phone, unlock it and work on it. Perfectly for business, or just for fashion to show how grand you look and that tiny detail of fluent and powerful phone in an instant in your hand, ready to work? - Amazing. Image of how I pull the phone out.
Indestructible Battery - I got no idea whether you produced batteries back then in different ways, or it's the screen size or perfect balance in applications or all at once, but only month ago my phone battery was downgraded to "modern" batteries. It requires charging once per day to 1,5 days now. After 6 years? Can't remember when Zenfone 3 was released, but Power of this machine is just beyond it's price range.
[The Disappointment and suggestion]
It was hell of a journey. My android is not updated, my photos don't look very modern, I've taken decision to buy new phone. ZenUI is great, Fingerprint sensor on the back is awesome, headphones socket and touch menu...and the beautiful 5.5 screen...I tried to find such combinations - Doesn't exist.
I can't get even close to those combinations. I found out latest Zenfone but it disappointed me with lack of these features so ultimately I've decided not to buy a new phone. It's 6 years or so from Zenfone 3 release and I am still using it. Huge thanks to whoever made that phone because it is a killer. Huge regret I can't get these features back in new Zenfone so I ask and suggest - Can we get mentioned features back? I want a small screen with great and powerful front pane, with fingerprint sensor on the back and headphones socket. I want to feel comfortable with my phone in my pocket, don't panic that I lost my headphones and have fast and well placed on the back fingerprint sensor - It works like PS/Xbox game pad, it's just perfectly fitting I could talk about it for hours but...:D I won't replace my phone untill I get similar features. If people are back to "clam" type of phones, why can't we take what Zenfone 3 had, the powerful features and put them to modern phone?

Thanks for reading, Zenfone 3 enjoyer.