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Smart Button on ZenFone 8

Make it posible to configure Smart Button on ZenFone 8 to answer incoming phone calls - swiping the screen to answer calls is impractical when wearing gloves.

Enable VoLTE in the Philippines!

I paid big money for a flagship phone when I purchased my Zenfone 8 Flip and it is not VoLTE provisioned here in the Philippines! I had to put it away and buy a cheap $150 phone in order to make phone calls with DITO, the only carrier I can connect t...

Phone app Video call option (Phone App)

I love the stock dialer and since day one it's not updated and since all the phones supports audio call to video switch in dialer which is possible as duo is a system app and this should be done in android 11 atleast, you can see the below image wh...

p-20211015-114047-1-1.jpg screenshot-20211015-113407797.jpg
Praj by Rising Star I
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Accent color

Accent color change option would be great phone dark theme was dark color before update, but now the color is light and it feels odd

Praj by Rising Star I
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Charging LED colour according to battery limit

Led colour turns green when fully charged, but is always considers "full" as 100%, no matter what limit is set.I propose to make led colour to prioritize currently set charging limit.