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Make a smaller phone, like the iPhone 12 mini

Recently, my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact broke and I had to pick a new phone. Zenfone 8 and Pixel were the only powerful phones under 15 cm. And, of course, the iPhone. I seriously considered switching from Android to ios so I don't have to carry around ...

Disable auto-play on bluetooth connection

When I connect my Sony WI-H700 to my old Sony Xperia, either by NFC or manually, it simply just connected. When I do the same with Zenfone 8, the last audio automatically starts playing. It does not happen when I connect Sonos Roam.It's extremely ann...

Bring Smart group feature back in ZenUI

I've been using ROG Phone 2 in the past and there is this particular feature called Smart group where it automatically groups the apps in a folder by category. I just bought this Zenfone 8 Flip and notice that this Smart group feature has been remove...

screenshot-20210925-072855047.jpg screenshot-20211011-164253889.jpg

Android 12 or atleast zenui8 on asus 6z

We wish you will give us android 12 as you are not launching zenfone series in india so we can't able to upgrade to another phone, we love your devices so want to stick on asus 6z if you provide one more android update i.e android 12

Camera features

Would it be possible to add some new features to builtin camera app for Zenfone 8?Lower resolution mode. (Sometines there is no need to share full 12-64 Mpx photo. Some lower 2-6 Mpx extra mode will be cool)remove P_ from image nameThanks in advance

Adjustable snooze time and functionality improvement

The default snooze times in Android are too rough. Min snooze is 15min which is oftentimes the reminder time before meeting starts (notification from calendar). It is possible to adjust these times via ADP but it would be much more convenient via UI ...

Hide navigation hints

A standard feature on every android phone is to be able to hide the navigation hint bar when you use gesture navigation. For some reason this option is missing on the zenfone 8, which means you're stuck with a black bar at the bottom that is only sup...