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Make flashlight available to gestures

Hi there,Coming from OnePlus, it was possible to start the flashlight without a third party app from lockscreen with a gesture (V). Could you please make the flashlight available as an app option in the gestures setting for The zenfone 8?

Blumi by Rising Star II
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ZenFone 9 Flip/Pro

I love the ZF7 Pro I wish there was a reiteration for this device in the ZF8 but the optical fingerprint scanner was deal breaker. Optical scanner is finicky, please bring back the Side or rear Fingerprint scanner.If you have to change something plea...

Add/remove icons on lock screen

Continuingcdr4Hello,How to remove camera shortcut from lock screen? zenfone 8 remove camera from lock screenI would like to propose a new feature for ZF8 that already exists on ohter ( old ) phones. It is ability to remove or add icons on lock screen...

cdr4 by Star II
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Extended Functionality for Air triggers

We know that Air triggers are mainly used for games and they work great. It'd be awesome if that could be extended to phone's functionalities. At the moment this happens to activate X mode and it works fine.This would mean that this suggestion uses t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hide the navigation bar / gesture pill

Hi,I'm 99% done setting up my new ZenFone 8 but there is one final feature missing from the phone compared to my old Samsung Galaxy, and that is the ability to hide the navigation bar.Android 11 removed the simple workaround (

Camera app should remember that I am using manual mode on ZF 7

I use manual nearly all the time, but whenever I reopen the camera app, it resets to Photo mode. This is really annoying, because there is no way to disable post-processing on Photo mode and if I forget to switch every time I take the phone out of th...

edddd by Rising Star I
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Seperate volume per app

For example: youtube volume is at 50%, mobile game is 40% and the media volume is at 100% for all other apps.