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Adjustable snooze time and functionality improvement

The default snooze times in Android are too rough. Min snooze is 15min which is oftentimes the reminder time before meeting starts (notification from calendar). It is possible to adjust these times via ADP but it would be much more convenient via UI ...

Hide navigation hints

A standard feature on every android phone is to be able to hide the navigation hint bar when you use gesture navigation. For some reason this option is missing on the zenfone 8, which means you're stuck with a black bar at the bottom that is only sup...

給rog phone 的建議

1.rog phone手機系列主打的是電力持久、所以電池會比較大顆、相對的手機會比較重!相信rog手機系列手機很不錯!但有一些人會覺得重量太重、不喜歡手機的重量我的建議是、可考濾推出2款rog手機系列手機一款是電力怪獸(手機較重)一款像rog phone 1代4000mah(手機較輕)2.經常到訊號附近的地方手機訊號會變成H+的模式有時看起來都不會恢復只能改成3G網路再改成5G網路H+會變回5G模式所以我要建議是、螢幕上方現在有5G網路的快捷鍵、(我希望能新增4G網路、3G網路的快捷鍵)方便讓我...

screenshot-20211002-105226941.jpg screenshot-20211002-105511850-1.jpg

Make flashlight available to gestures

Hi there,Coming from OnePlus, it was possible to start the flashlight without a third party app from lockscreen with a gesture (V). Could you please make the flashlight available as an app option in the gestures setting for The zenfone 8?

Blumi by Rising Star II
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ZenFone 9 Flip/Pro

I love the ZF7 Pro I wish there was a reiteration for this device in the ZF8 but the optical fingerprint scanner was deal breaker. Optical scanner is finicky, please bring back the Side or rear Fingerprint scanner.If you have to change something plea...

Add/remove icons on lock screen

Continuingcdr4Hello,How to remove camera shortcut from lock screen? zenfone 8 remove camera from lock screenI would like to propose a new feature for ZF8 that already exists on ohter ( old ) phones. It is ability to remove or add icons on lock screen...

cdr4 by Star II
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Extended Functionality for Air triggers

We know that Air triggers are mainly used for games and they work great. It'd be awesome if that could be extended to phone's functionalities. At the moment this happens to activate X mode and it works fine.This would mean that this suggestion uses t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hide the navigation bar / gesture pill

Hi,I'm 99% done setting up my new ZenFone 8 but there is one final feature missing from the phone compared to my old Samsung Galaxy, and that is the ability to hide the navigation bar.Android 11 removed the simple workaround (