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Game Genie System Mode selection

I'd like to be able to change the system mode automatically when launching games selected in Game Genie, that way I could use a less power hungry mode for daily use and a high performance mode for gaming

Auto refresh rate

Please change how the auto refresh rate works. Make it that after a couple of seconds of not touching the screen, to go back to 60hz; and as soon as a touch is registered change it back to 90.That would save so much battery, especially while watching...

Face Recognition - Add option to 'Swipe to enter Home Screen'

Hello. The face unlock is working well. But I was hoping an additional setting could be added. Currently, I often want to use the lock screen audio controls for example. However, the face unlock is so fast that it unlocks just as I go to press a butt...

dsg38 by Star II
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Battery Master exclusion list

Is it possible to include an exclusion list for Battery Master power draining apps? For example I've got warning all the time about Android Auto and TomTom even the phone being charged on USB.

Germans by Star III
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Zenfone 8 - Bottom LED Notification

1. Charging limit function - whenever i used charging limit function up to 80% charging, the LED not even turning green. Hence, it defeat the function of LED to told me that it is done charging to 80% (green).Hope you can make the LED compatible with...

Bigger Icons

Please add sizeable icons to the launcher, or fix the dpi of the default launcher.The icons are way too small for a 6.7 inch screen (see attached)


Face unlock - notification

Under notification settings there is an option to show all notifications even when the device is locked. If face unlock is active Under face unlock settings say detect face to show notification swipe up to go to home screenThe second setting override...

Silent mode toggle

There is already a shortcut to prevent ringing by pressing Power and volume up. Can you make it toggle so if we press the same shortcut keys again it goes back to previous mode

over 60hz when using HDMI output

I think I speak for a ton of streamers out here if I ask for them to implement a feature that doesnt force the phone to go into 60hz mode when the phone detects an HDMI output.

Start providing feedback on ideas

Dear Asus team,When can we, users, expect your estimation of ideas? You wrote there will be statuses. But I can't see any changes of statuses.For how long topic should be in some status before it will be reviewed or somehow considered/noticed by Asus...

topolov by Rising Star II
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