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Silent mode toggle

There is already a shortcut to prevent ringing by pressing Power and volume up. Can you make it toggle so if we press the same shortcut keys again it goes back to previous mode

over 60hz when using HDMI output

I think I speak for a ton of streamers out here if I ask for them to implement a feature that doesnt force the phone to go into 60hz mode when the phone detects an HDMI output.

Start providing feedback on ideas

Dear Asus team,When can we, users, expect your estimation of ideas? You wrote there will be statuses. But I can't see any changes of statuses.For how long topic should be in some status before it will be reviewed or somehow considered/noticed by Asus...

topolov by Rising Star II
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Customize Navigation

Hi, I use an ASUS ROG Phone 5, and I have what I think is a very good suggestion/request/idea for the ASUS phones' interface. Please add a feature in the settings to customize the navigation gesture. I like the idea of sliding to navigate, but slidin...

Slurp by Star I
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Supporto Audio M4a

Ciao,Vorrei chiedere se è possibile implementare nella compatibilità del sistema il formato audio "M4a", essendo il miglior formato sia dalla parte qualitativa e sia in leggerezza (meno gigabyte).Grazie Mille.

Asus rog 5 Add Network band lock

Asus rog 5 developer plz add network band locking bcz network is fluctuating... And band 40 speed to slow i can't play game.... Plz add Network band locking i frustrating 4g + carrier aggregation also fluctuating also add 4g+ lock..... Thnks i invit...


Add game profile changer in game genie

Pls add game profile changer in game genie..For example, i have 2 profile for genshin, one for battery life and one for max performance..It's kinda troublesome to always going into armoury crate, open game's scenario profile, and then change game pro...

Razgriz by Rising Star II
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Black Crush fix for Rog phone 3

I think its been more than enough time for Asus to fix the issue by now but they didn't and i cant accept the fact that a team of well experienced professionals cant fix the issues in a year, we know there are options to fix this via custom kernel bu...

Saifuddin by Zen Master III
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