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Extended Functionality for Air triggers

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We know that Air triggers are mainly used for games and they work great. It'd be awesome if that could be extended to phone's functionalities. At the moment this happens to activate X mode and it works fine.
This would mean that this suggestion uses the same principle of 'X mode listener' so as to not interfere with gaming. I think that there's a listener that waits for the user to press that part of the phone for X mode.
Ideas I've got are:
Gestures to scroll up or down: Slide or pressing parts of the air triggers to do it, to use it on a browser, or any app.
Extend camera capabilities with Air triggers to either take pictures, zoom, etc. that works along with volume keys, i.e. mutually exclude functionalities. For example, If I set volume keys to take pictures, I can set air triggers to zoom in/out and the other way around.
When playing music or video, gestures for next track, previous track and stop/pause. Which is pretty much the same when we've got a headphone with a control.
It'd be great to have a part of the configuration to do that and associate gestures to functions.