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ZenFone 11 ideas :

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Hi asus community and asus staff,

I start this topic to post ideas about the next gen asus zenfone 11 (series ?)

I've been using zenfones for over 7 years (Zenfone 3 Max plus, ZenFone Max Plus, ZenFone 5Z and ZenFone 8Flip). I've been mostly satisfied with them, espacially the zenfone 5Z, which was a big change and improvement on the asus way to do phones.

The actual phone (ZenFone 10) is great, the interface is just great if not close to perfection, the additional features by asus (charge & battery management, storage management, audio wizard, camera modes, recording modes…) are amazing and have been improved since they where introduce on previous generations , but here are the main possibilities to improve the phone for the next gen according to me :

  • More major android updates (3 years or more instead of 2y)
  • Display refresh rate : A LTPO display,
  • Display screen : still OLED, but with a higher brightness
  • Faster charging speed
  • Photo : same gimbal, a new sensor for the main camera, a slightly better wide angle sensor, and A telephoto sensor (a good one with good results). Also, if it's possible to zoom in with the main sensor without loss, with a small optical zoom, it would be great, if it's up to 4x without losses, a telephoto might not be needed.
  • Sd card slot ? (like 2 SIM or 1 SIM+ 1 Micro-SD)

And please keep all the amazing stull that already are on your phone that i didnt mentionned, including the colors possiblities (a new yellow one for next gen ?)

In my opinion, having the possibility to choose another model (like a zenfone 11+) with a ‘medium’ form factor at 6.2 or 6.3inch, like the zenfone 5z for example,. This size is still smaller than most of the flagship phones on the market, but it might interest more people who're looking for a medium phone (between 6.0 and 6.4inches).

And this phone could fix some problems of the 5.9inches form factor by making it easier to include a telephoto sensor and a sd card slot, and could provide a larger battery capacity.

Here are some ideas for the next asus zenfone products. Take it or leave it, and feel free to complete or reject those ideas.

Have a great day,



Star II

And autofocus on all camera sensor would be great