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Flexible curtain setting

Please improve curtain.Now you cannot change the number of icons in the curtain, the number of rows, etc.When you additionally swipe the curtain down, the number of icons in the row automatically changes from 6 to 4 (the icons change their usual posi...

yagomvs by Star II
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Trigger for camera

As trigger is an additional feature for gaming why not use it with camera ... I would just look awesome clicking pics with pressing a trigger

AMANVerma by Rising Star II
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ZF8 Hot when using Whatsapp Videochat

Would be nice if you could fix the battery drainage and getting (very) hot when using Whatsapp Videochat. In this example 38min Videochat made the phone hot to touch and drained 15.8% battery

xiphiax by Star I
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New Features for the Native Camera App

Everyone knows that the ZenFone with it's Flip Camera should be the best phone for content creation. That's what ASUS advertises it. With an exception: Being an Android phone. I think any actual content creators know of the limitations of Android pho...

ZF8 Navigation buttons

Hi, the navigation buttons seem "picky", so that you need to press them 2 or 3 times sometimes.Maybe expand the number of pixels you can touch?

xiphiax by Star I
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Rog 5 Theme Customisation

Hi I had used zenfone 5z 6z as my previous devices and also saw reviews in 8 series that there is option for changing system accent color along with qs tiles and icon shape would be great if that customisation is bought in to rog series a...

Sibi by Rising Star II
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Camera UI upgrades

I feel that the general aesthetics of the Camera UI is a bit dated, would be nice if you took a look at that for the next Zen UI update Also few functions like quick swap between lenses/front cam would be great, my pixel switches between main and fro...

Tob by Star III
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ZF8 Front camera nightmode dark

Hi,In less light, the front / selfie cam performs poorly when using videocall in whatsapp.Is there a possibility fix or setting?Dave

xiphiax by Star I
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ZF8 Game Genie: Add time

Hi, it would be nice to have an option to also show the current time (next to gpu cpu etc)This helps to stop gaming in time

xiphiax by Star I
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