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suggestion/request for improvement of the camera application

Can you please implement the following features in the camera application? Possibility to select the function of holding down the shutter button - video/sequential shootingTake a photo by long-pressing the power button from lock screenFix saving phot...

Option to share Screenshots without saving it to the Gallery

I would like to see an option that asks users to save or just share the screenshot captured to someone without it being directly saved to the Gallery. For users who does not wish to see pop up asking whether to save it in Gallery or share it each tim...

nidhin3 by Zen Master I
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Allow disabling AudioWizard

Hello,I would like an option to disable AudioWizard "improvements" entirely, especially when using Bluetooth audio where manufacturers already bring in their own EQ set (eg. Sony).

n3b by Star II
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Improve fingerprint sensor in ZF8

ASUS don't get me wrong. ZF8 is great phone but some things like fingerprint must be better than now. No matter how much prints I add, there is always problem to unlock phone by this. I'm not only one person who complain about this. Please check thre...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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Camera settings: toggle for wide angle distortion correction

Currently it seems that the software automatically (at least partially) corrects the distortion caused by the physical properties of the wide angle camera's lens. While pictures are more true to life this way, it takes away much of the artistic and d...

apple-wide-angle-correction.png samsung-wide-angle-correction.png
ViktorC by Star I
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'Battery care' quick toggles

It would be really useful to have quick toggles for Charging limit, Slow charging and Scheduled charging. Normally I like to keep them enabled but when I need that quick charge to 100% I'd like to access the settings quick and easy.

teegee by Star III
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Better white balance regulation ZF 8

Overall I am happy with zenfone, I miss better white balance management on my phone (splendid). The one that is now allows for such adjustment that there is no big difference between a cold and a warm shade of colors. I use an external application to...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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TwinView Dock ideas

The TwinView Dock is one of my favorite things about the ROG Phone 3, and is one of the reasons why I bought the phone. However, I feel like it has untapped potential when it comes to software features.1 - Orientation options. Currently, the TwinView...

BPM by Rising Star II
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