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Bootloader Unlock/OS Rollback support

Rising Star I
The devs are working hard to bring patches to bugs and improve the OS stability, however, it does not always go as planned. As the new patches for ROG Phone 5 are not always stable and while fixing some issues, new issues appear, which is to be expected.
However, allowing for users to be able to revert back to the previous version or any prior version of the OS which is available on the ASUS BIOS/Firmware website (exclusively) would be a huge quality of life improvement.
This would require the boot loader to be unlocked and at present, we can unlock the bootloader at the cost of voiding the warranty. ASUS provides the tools to unlock the bootloader, however, it voids the warranty.
By making OS Rollback an official feature and thus making unlocking boot-loader for flashing ASUS exclusive firmware, not void warranty would be great.