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Google Play Store not turning on - ChromeBook CX5400

Star I

I just got my Chromebook CX5400. I tried installing Apps but it wouldn't let me. Play Store doesnt seem to be enabled. It says its managed by the administrators, my G account is an admin. see screenshot

I can't install the apps that I want to use ie: Dropbox, ESET Mobile security and others. When I go to the web browser app store, it only says Install on more devices, Has anyone gone through this experience. I am new to Chromebook, I am a windows guy.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks



Thank you but I have already followed those steps, it didn't work. As per the screenshot I attached, I couldn't enable the Play Store, the Turn On button is not clickable. It says that the Administrator is managing that, I am an Admin. How can we resolve this?

If the problem persists, please refer to the following FAQ to restore the system.
[Chromebook] Recover Chromebook operating system 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.