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My sons C223NA Chromebook is not turning on

It was working fine until 2 weeks ago. Now it will not turn on.I have tried another good working power supply. However it will not start up.I have tried soft and hard reset / restore, but no luck.Please could anyone advise?

ASUS Chromebox 4 Not updating

Upon reaching 84%, it gives the following error: "Couldn't download the update. Please try again later." It usually updates with no issues. It's the first time I've had this problem. And it's been happening for these last 24 hours. I just have made o...

galeamj by Star I
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Google Play Store not turning on - ChromeBook CX5400

I just got my Chromebook CX5400. I tried installing Apps but it wouldn't let me. Play Store doesnt seem to be enabled. It says its managed by the administrators, my G account is an admin. see screenshotI can't install the apps that I want to use ie: ...

Product registration not working

I am unable to register either my chromebook (now being repaired) or my son's. I enter the serial number, choose the date, and the "submit" button stays disabled.

My Chromebook is not turning on

Hi, I have been trying to turn on my Chromebook with no success. It displays the message  “Your system is applying a critical update. Please do not turn it off” then It Turns OffWhat could be the problem?#C423NA

Kassim by Star I
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CM1400FX - several issues, three questions

Hi,I have 2 CM1400X, one mine, the another is my son's. My son's chromebook flip works well, mine won't switch to tablet mode anymore (it did the first couple of months) when I fold over the screen, and sometimes even the touchscreen stops working un...

ASUS V550CB mysterious 22.37GiB disk space

I recently received an ASUS laptop from a friend to install Linux on it. However, the problem is that the disk is not working. But that is not the case. When I used the 'lsblk' command, I noticed a 22.4GB 'sdb' disk in addition to the 238GB 'sda' and...

damaged cable

Hi I require a new cable for my Asus Chromebook. The part I need is the cable that connects to the computer. ( not the part that connects in to the mains )