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ASUS Chromebook - C202MT - black screen - UK

Star I


I bought a C202MT Chromebook for my son who is autistic and uses this for his sensory needs, however part of his autism is that he picks stuff, labels etc.

The Chromebook is not booting up and is just a black screen, the green light comes on when I press the refresh and power button but only then. 

Today I took this to the retail outlet where i purchased it and because it is showing a black screen and my son has picked off the serial number they are refusing to do anything about this even though it is still under manufacturers warranty and I have proof of purchase and the original box.  there is a sticker on the box which looks like a serial number but its not recognized. 

So I have a laptop with no serial number only 6 months old how can I get this repaired or replaced.  Tried to send an email via contact us but the online form asks for a serial number which I can not provide. then is says pick another category not technical but the technical category is the only one available for the UK. 

any help would be appreciated. 



I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.

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Community Manager
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