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ASUS V550CB mysterious 22.37GiB disk space

I recently received an ASUS laptop from a friend to install Linux on it. However, the problem is that the disk is not working. But that is not the case. When I used the 'lsblk' command, I noticed a 22.4GB 'sdb' disk in addition to the 238GB 'sda' and 58GB 'sdc' installation media. I am curious as to what this disk is, why it is there, and any additional information.

ps: Sorry if this model is not a Chromebook, I am not entirely sure, and sorry if it was in the manual - I must have missed it. 



Unfortunately, since we have not tested the Linux system, we cannot guarantee its stability and compatibility with you. About the disk issue you mentioned, maybe you can consider formatting the hard disk. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

I'm not complaining about broken hard drive i know that when they get old they may break, and formatting it is a completely different story. I was just curious about that 22Gb disk. 

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Community Manager
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