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Touchpad and camera not working on asus UX362FA

System: windows 10
Battery or AC: -
Model: UX362FA
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:The touchpad has an erratic behaviour that makes impossible to use the laptop.
The camera dosn´t start when I want to log in to my profile. Also, it usually doesn´t work with applications as skype, zoom, camera, etc.
Please Help!!!

Community Legend II
Hello ,
About your touchpad issue, please kindly provide SN through the PM I send.
And for your camera, have you grant access to camera?
Setting> Privacy> Camera> Camera access for this device is on
Thank you.

Yes, I have access to camera. I realize that sometimes turning on and off the camera it works with some apps but not in the other ones.

Community Legend II
Hello ,
May you specify which apps are working and which are not?
Thank you very much.

Star I
I'm having this two same issues with my UX362FA.
Camera was working fine, but suddenly Windows hello stoped working and now the camera is not working with any app (Win camera, skype, zoom...). Camera Led indicator turns on but it doesn't show any image. I already checked the permisions of the camera and everything seems to be right.
Regarding the touchpad, I'm having the same erratic behaviour mentioned above.
Please help!!!