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ROG gives dust plug on the side port where accessories get attached and never give extra dust plugs in case the one comes with phone lost what should we do to protect the case from dust because it's not dust proof it must be covered and not even available online on Flipkart and Amazon. What should I do #asussupportteam #rog2supportteam give me some solution


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    I assume you are from India (using Flipkart).

    You can try the Service Centre and see if they do spare parts and you might be able to get them for free/small price.

    Looking around, there are some places that do them, but not to India. Like AliExpress.

    If you're not bothered, you can always put tape over it until you need to use it again to prevent dust going in. Not exactly ideal, but it does keep the dust out.

  • In the box that came with my phone and fan they provided me with 2 extra dust caps. Maybe have a look to see if its in there.

  • Do you have the tencent edition?

  • Hi @Saumya kapoor

    The plug is not sold as a separate part, so unfortunately you have to keep the one which comes with the phone safely.

    We understand the importance and taking the feedback.

  • They only included dust caps for 500gb/1tb variants. No extra dust caps for 128gb variant. Hopefully they wil

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    In my opinion all phones should be the same regarding accessories (plugs, cooler, 30w charger) and only be different in ram/storage. I believe people in India would pay some more to get that in the box. Accessories are always cheaper bundled than sold separately. That would have prevented many complaints about charger, temperature, plugs, dongles,...

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