ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem



  • Press power + volume down. I recommend a factory reset and if it doesn't improve the situation, then once the lock down is over, take it to a service center

  • If it's always like this, then I would say hardware

  • @koi & @mayankbajpai90 I need your help to troubleshoot this issue. I've sent you both a private message (envelope in top right corner) containing a log tool and instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!

  • ROG 2: I am facing similar issue. My phone switches off during gaming. It started while playing Aspha it used to happen while playing COD & PUBG also. It randomly shuts down all of a sudden.

    Tried Android 10, Roll back to 9, factory reset everything. but problem is still there. Can't play any game it's so annoying to have a gaming phone worth 40k and can't play any game.

    Due to lockdown as I can't send to service centre as well. I don't think this is a software issue as it is happening in all games. I have even taken games out of armory crate and played still it goes off during 10-15 mins of gaming.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that. As you say, it really does sound like hardware issue

  • Any idea why it happen only during gaming. ?!

    It is not happening while using any other app.

  • We can check. Expect to get a private message (envelope in top right corner) containing a log tool and instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!"

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    It is also happening to my Rog Phone 2 too, every time I use my phone to test benchmark, it shutdown. The phone cannot handle heavy task even I tried to update to Android 10 latest version it went 99% and then it shutdown. I have tried different games like PUBG, Asphalt, Mobile Legend any random time it shutdown..

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    Hello Ander. Can you also send me the log tool? I am also facing the same issue for several months. I cannot use my gaming phone to play games since it always crashes.

  • Facing the same problem. Got any temporary fix? Please do share

  • I'm experiencing the same issue. It mainly happens overnight. I wake up and the ROG phone II is completely turned off I assume. Sometimes I can still see a notification light flashing and that's it. I have to hold my power button and volume down button for around 10 seconds to start the phone up again. And just now this morning it happened 3 times in a row. What do you guys think I can do? Also Ander could I also have that log tool as well please? Thanks

  • I've also noticed this happen a few times.

  • Started facing the same issue.. suddenly the phone freezes, immediately it reboots.. when just browsing on the phone.. but whenever it happened, I tried pulling the notification tray..

    Thinking it was a update issue, I reset the phone, but I have this issue even now..

  • The temporary fix for the switch off problem is. Play the game in low settings. Put x mode off. and keep either Mobile data or Wifi on. Not both..

    I am running games in this setup right now. Anyway there is an underlying hardware problem which needs to be fixed but till then this will help u playing something using world's "top gaming phone"

  • If the phone freezes while gaming just make sure that the temp is below 39 degree, if you maintain it below 39 the game works fine. Temporary fix due to lockdown.

  • Can i get a DM with the log tool please? I've recorded the issue that I'm having and i got videos and a cat log of it. I wanna get this resolved already please

  • I'm playing pubg in compititve tournament in every single match my. Phone got restart

    Mobile temperature was 36 c ..

    Totally frustrated sir please help and fix this problem soon

  • I have sent a private message to everyone (envelope icon in top right corner) in this group who says they have issues with restarts. Please try to get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • I am using the phone for 6 month now. No problem yet all but after 18 april update my phone suddenly turned off and on for 2 times.. Its very annoying I think this problem related with update bt not sure. Hope this fix automatically with nxt update. If not then I will go to service center. After lockdown

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