Please new system update required for Asus ROG 2.

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Since i updated to the latest adroid 10 version. I experienced a massive bugs in the systems while playing games, especially pubg mobile. I'll mention some of the problems i encounter on pubg mobile

1. Heavy fps drops when enemies/ opposing players are within visual range. And this causes the device to not being responding to my touches,its no more even close to responsiv as the asus company has claimed it to be. The screen literally freezes. Weapons cannot fire at all. Character cannot move in coordination to the touches i made on the screen.

2. Overheating.

3. Frequent game crash of every game i play.

I used to have a big trust on asus and even recommended it to most of my friends. But now, I'm ashamed. Even oneplus 6T performs easily better than rog phone 2 without even claiming to be a gaming phone. This is a huge failure of asus, inspite claiming to be the ultimate gaming phone. Don't tell me to try new setting. I have already tried literally everything i could.



  • It's been widely noted and common knowledge that any issues with Call of duty is a Tencent issue, game company problem and not Asus issue . Please stop bashing Asus !

  • No we are not. If u were to buy a gaming PC, what type would u choose. For me, i would choose the one which could give me a top notch performance rather than the one which offers me fancy styles and led lights, and that is what asus claims it to be. I know very well that frequent game crashes are the pubg mobile game issues. But heavy fps drops when enemies are within visual range, and inability of the touch screen to respond in accordances to the touches i made on the screen is clearly not the game issue, when other phones such as iPhone xr, oneplus 7, and even a p30 can operate smoothly under similar situations. I know that pubg mobile has an fps cap of 60. I also knew very well that there has to be some frame drops, i mean those acceptable ones when enemies are within 500-700 metres range, since that's just the way the game is on mobile, since it is the best possible way the game can be optimize on mobile phones. But after a few one-to-two seconds lags or frame drops, the game should be able to get back to normal standings. But the asus rog phone 2 doesn't. It continues to perform worst. The above mentioned mobile phones don't even claimed to be gaming phones. But easily they deliver better performance than the asus rog 2, under several conditions. When even these phones can deliver an acceptable performance even without claiming to be a gaming phone, we expected a lot from the one which claims to gives us an ultimate gaming experience. By the way, gaming phones, much like gaming PC's are expected to optimize games better than average phones, especially when it offers an extreme specs. We cannot accept such inconsistencies, rather than to call asus a failure on the mobile gaming community. Why don't they just solely focus on the gaming performance rather than all the fancy things that comes with it. We just want a better performance. Is that too much to ask of a device which claims it to be the ultimate?

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    Or is it that we are being given and left only with the fancy designs that comes with the device, such as the rgb lighting on the back, the multi-functioning air triggers, or the cool accessories that comes with it such as the twin dock view, cooling fans, etc, lieu of the ultimalte gaming experience that asus claims to give its users ; but fails humiliatingly on the specific area.

    We are frustrated because we have invested all our money amd trust on the phone. What's left of us is nothing but to call asus a fraud, for not giving us a friendly user experience.

  • Have you tried turning up every setting to max in scenario profiles.

    It not try this and please update.

  • I haven't tried the hardcore tuning mode yet. I would like to try it. But honestly, I don't know how to tune to a proper level. I will be extremely grateful if you could somehow inform me how to tune the device performance.

  • I also don't know about hardcore tuning, I just keep x mode on ultimate.

  • Hi, I have a solution for this.

    Its a issue in game and not in a phone.

    Lets solve this,

    In PUBG Mobile main menu, Go the the settings and see the first tab i.e linked Profile, if first is Facebook and second is Google Play Games so that is the reason of game lags in PUBG.

    Fix: Logout from PUBG Mobile by using logout tab in setting, then you will be taken to login page. In login page there is more option beside the Facebook tab, click that more option and select Google Play Games and login (Your saved data will remain same). Its done!

    Try to play a match and see if you game is lagging or not.

    This method is applicable for all devices who is experiencing lag issue in middle of game.

  • When new update will come Andriod 10 haveuch of bugs . Phone Overheating, Frame drop in games, Slow Battery charge. Please solve this problems.

  • Hi thanks for the suggestion but their is a issue my pubg account is linked to Facebook and Twitter so give me some suggestion.

  • Bro i have already tried this method and I'm still using this method of logging in till this time. Honestly, the best solution for the heavy frame drops during pubg mobile game, in my opinion is a new system update which optimizes the game better for the device. This device (ROG phone 2) , as we all know has a lot a potential. Can Asus try to bring out that ultimate superiority of the device to be utilize for its targeted gamers. Another possible way in my opinion would be to show us the whole step configuration method of the hardcore tuning mode which comes with the device. We are getting desperate man.

  • Bro that's the problem. Can someone from Asus show us how to tune the device performance to a proper level. Maybe the device needs a little bit of tuning to an acceptable extend, and maybe this could be all we need.

  • It's true I'm expirencing same problem.and another bug is from gallery I can't share foto vedio.when I press share option,it crash and said. Android system not responding.wait-close.i tried cleaning che.but nothing change at all.i feel regret why did I Updated to android 10..9 is better.

  • Bro. The lagging won't stop. I'm also using my ‘Google Play Games' account to log in to the game. But u can try it if you want to, it might help somehow. In my opinion,the best thing we can hope for is a new system update or an instructed manual guide for hardcore tuning from Asus.

    I know that some lags are due to in game issues. And the above suggested method of logging in helps some people, me as well, when i was using poco f1 armoured edition. But now, the above suggested method don't help anymore. My mind cannot grasp the reason why a top notch phone, being declare as the most powerful phone during the whole 2019, and the one which revolutionized mobile gaming to a whole new level ; cannot match the performance of a lower specs phone, be it in any way. To say that it matched the performance of a lower specs phone is a humiliation for its kind. It should well fly over it. But in reality, That's is not even close, it performs worst.

    Read my comments on the earlier parts of the discussion of how the game should be, if you really wanna know.

  • Worst update of my entire life using mobile devices......huge ram management issues.....just going through this.....never opting asus products after this.....they are not proactive....on top of it they don't react also.

  • Yeah. We desperately need a new update for the overall betterment of all its users. My focus was only on the gaming section of the device performance, since i bought the phone solely for gaming purpose. But all this bugs and issues convinced me to a point that, "A new software update is the only thing which could solve all our issues"

  • Same here bro. Makes me feel like my life is a misery contemplating why i chose it over iPhone and Red Magic. But now, we're stuck here, in the middle of nowhere. If atleast, they were responsive to our needs, somehow we might be able to work through together.

  • Did anyone try running the game when the native refresh rate is 60hz?

    just give a try. Run the game and play on 60hz it is working fine for me, im getting framedrops only when the refreshrate was set to 90 or 120hz so im toggling from 60 to 120 when gaming to general usage

    there is a frame render issue when device refresh rate is set higher than what the game is actually supporting (60 fps)

  • Same here bro. Apps are crashing ram management is worse. Apps getting refresh after every 5-10 min in background. Phones heating on charging even in playing video offline.

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