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It is hard to play games while playing and charging ROG PHONE 2.. coz the bottom port will block and right hand is not comfortable. wish the dev design the aero cooler fan with type c for audio.. that there is an additional port at the aero cooler fan designed for the ROG CETRA.



  • is there an adapter for it? so that it would be comfortable playing....

  • Solve it with some L-shaped adapter or USB-hub so you can both charge and connect your headphone to the side port at the same time.

    I won't recommend any adapter but you can search for one yourself. Just remember that other phones don't have a sideport so this would have been an even bigger issue if you didn't have ROG Phone II

  • thanks. :) i just bouught an adapter. i forgot to update it.. :)

  • For an update i tried it with my rog 7.1 usb headset and with an Lshape adapter and usb 2.0 to type it wont work. Only when it is on usb to type c it will work with an adapter it doesn't detect.

  • @Anders_ASUS the side port will work without the aero cooler fan. with aero cooler fan it wont detect the headset at the side port.

  • Sadly, it doesn't work with aero cooler fan to have a headset at the side port. it wont detect. Can dev fix this or is it final? I'll probably cancel my cetra if that's the case.

  • It works, who says it doesn't work?

  • It doesn't. i tried it.. It wont detect the type c headset on the bottom port when aerocooler is mounted

  • though it can detect a 3.5mm earphones on the bottom 3.5mm jack with aero cooler fan mounted but type c headset sadly won't work on bottom port when aerocooler is mounted

  • this is what i tried. with aero cooler mounted it will work with aerocooler on the port of the aerocooler not the bottom port and it wont work with the L adapter. without the aerocooler mounted, type will work on bottom and side port but with the L adapter it won't.

  • this on the other hand happens if you try to attached a connection on the bottom port if you are currenty charging on the aerocooler port.

  • Well your current headset is not native USB C so it's not the same. And I don't know the pin configuration of that L-adapter you have. You should not assume that all adapters are alike just because they look like USB C. The only standard with USB C is the look of the connector but everything else is NOT standard in any way.

    I don't have a Cetra where I am right now but I tried with a DELTA USB C headset and it worked in both ports while charging

  • i borrowed a type c headset and tried it with aerocooler mounted and if plugged in on the bottom port sadly it won't work but in aerocooler port plugged in works well though.

  • I just bought my rog CETRA and it will not work at the bottom port if aero cooler fan is attached. it would really be helpful if bottom port still supports type c audio peripherals. can you make thtis happen @Anders_ASUS ?

  • it work both ports if side port is just for charging and not with the aerocooler fan attached.

  • @Anders_ASUS can the dev help make cetra light controllable via system lighting? i think it would help save battery if can disable the light while gaming.

  • @LP_ASUS any thoughts about this?.

  • Hi! I can confirm from my own testing that you must use the Aerocooler port for the Cetra USB C and similar headphones when charging at the same time. But it doesn't really matter as long as it works in one of the ports. Just find a compatible L-shaped adapter and you're good to go. It would of course be slightly better if you didn't have to think about which port you use for what but then again, how many phones let you plug in two USB C devices ;)

  • charging on the bottom port doesn't trigger fast charging. when aerocool is plug in

  • It does on mine. Maybe your phone was hot or almost fully charged when you tried it?

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