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Android 10

When can we expect Android 10 on Rog phone II ??? Anyone facing kind of heating during normal use like watching YouTube or while playing music ???

Cheating by either Flipkart or Asus

The price of charger should be ₹.1,999 but in flipkart it was showing ₹.2,999. The price of aero active cooler 2 is ₹.3,999 during the stock later the stock is over the price is ₹.3,499. What is going on


Security Shutdown Problems

Hi everyone..Im new here..I want to share about my experience about security on another device which is already lost the smartphone..I want to suggest to developer Asus ROG Phone 2 when you press Shutdown button, please add security Pin or fingerprin...

Need gyro scope optimisation for PubG

Check this stats guys .My kd is getting ruined by gyroscope not fully optimised for pubG in Rog 2 mobile .In season 10 i had 8.36 kd with my one plus 6t mobile even though it had some lags. Then i brought Asus rog 2 as it was optimised for gaming ....


Asphalt 9 crashing - solution

Since the latest Asphalt 9 update, my game started to crash always on same spots on same tracks in Shanghai and San Francisco.Inspired by this threadPUBGM Tips and tricks for setting up phone.I decided to play with settings in Armoury Crate. Basicall...

OPC by Zen Master II
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120 hz gaming NOOB question

Does playing pubgm GLOBAL with max fps right now at 60fps has a difference with setting the screen refresh rate at 120hz on the armoury crate? or it will just drain my battery more thus setting it back to 60 hz refresh rate is much more efficient?

IRONHIDE by Rising Star II
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My Bug/suggestion/Question list.

Suggestions:S1. Armoury Crate: should work on landscape mode. ( We all know there's portrait mode games out there )S2. Ability to limit fps from Game Genie or Armoury Crate profiles.S3. More effects to System Lighting. I want something like burst fla...


Does ROG phone 2 GPU throttle?

So called "gaming phones" have left a bitter taste in my mouth because they throttle just like regular phones except delayed by 5 or 10 minutes.For example when the GPU of the Razer Phone 2 is maxed out, within just 5 minutes the frequency will enter...

pong by Star I
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Rog phone 2 USB port is not working

Hi ,I am trying to connect my head set using USB connector and it is not working. I thought it should be because you show in advertisement that you can use USB type c as a head ph jack through connector of course. I see there are many users are facin...