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I have use asus 6z for last 6 month, from the first time itself i use blutooth head phone only for listening music and video, but after 121 update, blutooth was connected but the audio was not working, notification sound coming but other than that Facebook, youtube audio was not coming, even i reboot phone also but no use, after i switched off phone for a while it works but after some times the audio sound was not coming,

Then after phone call end the notification sound comes (information about last call charges) and then phone get restated it happens sometimes after update

I thinks this are all bugs please get in to note to slove the problem in next update



  • But my problem is different, video and audio was playing but no sound in headset i have 2 blutooth headphones both are getting same problem

  • ok, so you're having two issues. The restart issue is know and the temporary fix is to set your BT volume to 3 out of 7. Then it won't restart.

    The other issue with no media audio is new.

    Can you please make a screen recording where you show me your sound settings, watch a youtube video (where you don't hear any sound through your headset) and turn the volume all the way down and then up again. In the video, the sound should be there regardless of volume or you're having some other issue

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    1st issue was solved after low down the volume of bt headset while call it won't re-start now (but need to be fixed by asus team)

    2nd issue while I'm screen recording the bt headset sound was coming but after recording done, the sound get cut off.

    I send my screen recording video ( inbuilt asus 6z) and at the same time recoding done by my other phone via camera recorder, the sound was coming in my blutooth headphones while screen recording , and then i stopped my recoding the sound from my bt headset also get stopped (youtube video was playing at the time)i tried to low and high the volume but no use.

    But not all the time media get no sound, if i switch off my phone( kept for a minute) and power it on, audio get worked on bt headset but after some times sound went off, after the new update only I'm noticing this issue for past 7days

    And note it down this issue happens not only on blutooth it happens in 3.5mm jack too

    You can clearly see my problem in my 2nd phone video recorded

  • ok, lets go to system settings -> apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> three dot menu in top right corner -> show system -> press search icon and search for "audio" -> enter both audiowizard apps and both force stop them and clear their storage in Storage & cache.

    I hope this will solve your issue

  • I have done everything that you said, but no use of it, after i tried to force stop , clear data and cache of both audio wizard, the problem still presents

    After i restart my phone audio works but after some time it went off.

  • Deep sigh... ok try system settings -> system -> reset options -> and then you try both "Reset wifi- mobile & bluetooth" and "Reset app preferences"

    Will probably not help but the only option after this is to backup and press "Reset all data"

    Something weird must have happened when you updated to .121. You're the first user in this forum that I know of with this issue despite that .121 has been out for a while in India.

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    When your audio stops go to sound settings and adjust the ringtone volume so that it plays through the phone. Once it plays your audio should resume through the Bluetooth

    I'm having the same issue that's just a quick fix

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    Okay the above mention reset option doesn't worked for me , final option I'm going to factory reset.

    I hope it will works. Thanks for your support

    But deeply make a note of this issue may some of them facing this maybe in future so make a point of this(bug) try to slove it with next update. I appreciate for your sincerity

  • It worked partially some time but not for every time,

    Thanks for your quick fix

    Asus will take action(hopefully)regarding to this bugs

  • It usually works every sometimes u have to do it 2 or times but it usually works after the first time

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    I appreciate it, @sedl23 thank you soo much

    @Anders_ASUS please note this another person also got this type of issue, so please try to fix this bug or issues, waiting for you response.

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    @Anders_ASUS Hi, I'm also having same issue with bluetooth headset/bluetooth equipment as mentioned above, there are lots of bug in new UI like while I'm trying to us screen recording it doesn't work well.. we cannot record audio from system or microphone.. asus we thought your one of the best manufacturer in world but I can't see that kind of aggressiveness from your side... one of the worst Service centres that I ever seen.. I have problem with my phone after121 update, and service centre takes 15 days to resolve the problem,and asus india head promise if there is problem with your phone, service centre will give you previous flagship untill problem will not solve, but this doesn't happend from your side, your guys are lying with us.. what are you doing guys.... Seriously you are ASUS,this we cannot accept from you guys... I'm facing issue with bluetooth headset/bluetooth equipments and also... Screen recording because I record my all PUBG videos so I'm facing this issue everyday. Please solve this BUG

  • I'm not sure if you're experiencing the same issue. Are you saying that you're hearing notification sounds via your bluetooth headset but no media sound?

  • @Anders_ASUS when I connect my bluetooth 1st time it's works but after that if I want to use bluetooth I need to restart the phone... And also I'm facing issue while screen recording while playing PUBG I always need to disable mic in PUBG so I cannot cordinate with my friends... Before 121 update I can record videos even mic is on.. but after update I cannot.. so please resolve this bug

  • I'm also having same issue with bluetooth headset and also 3.5 mm wire earphone. After Android 10 update.. please resolve this bug.

  • Instead of restarting the phone go to settings sound settings and adjust the ringtone will play the ringtone thru the headset and the phone and then the sound through the Bluetooth will work again. That's a quick work around for that bug. There's a new update out today that fixes that bug so far from what I've seen

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    @Anders_ASUS Ok sir I'll check, what about screen recording issue

  • Please let me know if you still have the BT issue with latest update?

    I will ask our devs about the screen recorder issue. Should be easy to fix

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    @Anders_ASUS Yes sir atleast working right now. What you suggest me... I tried once and it's works... And please resolve screen recording bug while playing PUBG with mic on, I cannot cordinate with my team members...

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