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I am using this Asus 6z since 3 months. I really love this device. For photos i liked this device very much. This device really delivers impressive shots. But if you could add some more features for camera it will really make the device awesome

1. There should be addition in ai scene detection. In this device the ai scene detection system is okay but if you add more types in it it may result in more good images. Eg.(You can see in image attachment no.1). My friend uses that device and ai scene detection in it makes images more realistic &good.

2. Images in device loose sharpness and start bursting pixels after zoom even in 48mp mode hence there should be something to get crisp images. In my old device (featuring only 13 mp camera) there was mode named as ultra HD mode in which company was claiming to deliver 52 mp clear photos at first i thought it is fake but when i used it it really gave impressive shots sometimes the images were of more than 15 mb size and even after zoom the pixels weren't bursting. I have hardly 2 or 3 images taken by this device more than 10 mb size. I personally prefer good images size of it doesn't matter. If there is any additional mode which can deliver good crisp and sharp images it would be awesome.

3. In videography if there is addition of ai cinematography it would really be awesome. This device almost accurately detects subject of videos (as there is also motion tracking feature which is mainly dependent on subject) hence adding ai cinematography will not be that much hard task


  • Thank you for your suggestions. I'll make sure to forward this to our camera devs

  • Totally agree with you on the image quality... Images arent such sharp and I compared it with S10 those pictures are soo sharp... Just considering s10 camera stuff

  • My old device was Vivo v5s and it gave more sharp images than this device in ultra HD mode(in bright light conditions)

  • We welcome shootouts with old phones that you want to remember was just as or even sharper than ZenFone 6. I've had similar discussion with my colleague who always reply, really Anders, really?? Are you sure? I do ofc always reply YES. Then he challenges me to test and I always lose :/ Memory has a tendency of fooling people because we only want to remember to good stuff. This is why most people say everything used to be better.

    S10 should be sharper though. I have no doubt. But is it incredimazingly sharper? No, not really. You have to remember the price difference.

    There are lots of comparison videos that you can watch. Here's the first one that came up when I wrote "zenfone 6 vs samsung s10 plus"

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