Make icons in quick settings smaller

Leon1dLeon1d Level 1
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How to make Icons under the quick settings menu smaller?

They become really big after upgrade to android 12 on my zenfone 8



  • That's a design choice in Android 12 that currently can't be changed by the user.

  • kastis84kastis84 Level 1

    Then why wouldn't ASUS devs change it back to "normal" (small) ones, just like Samsung could (and did!!!), especially when users are asking for it? ;P

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2
    edited April 8

    I'm hating this new dumb giant icons too, in Android 11 they were perfect :(. Asus can change it in launcher design, but probably too little users have problem with this, to make that big changes.

    Sound level and brightness indicators also looks stupid.

  • Downgrade Android 11

  • kastis84kastis84 Level 1

    Oh wow, what a brilliant and ingenious idea! I wish I had thought about it earlier! I'm sure gonna do it just after You will stop flying planes, because riding a bike to another continent is so much better and smarter! 🤦‍♂️

  • Elle69Elle69 Level 1

    Really they are beautiful but very uncomfortable, it would be good to go back to the previous style

  • pio_zenpio_zen Level 2

    Concerning quality of software dev at asus I wouldn't recommend them messing with standard android features. In asus case the more clean android the better

  • ChrisdudeChrisdude Level 1

    I don't like the new quick tiles either. Due to the space they take, they are less functional. More swipes and taps for the same effect .


  • Pliggen Pliggen Level 1

    Indeed, this design I awful. Samsung did change the icons, so Asus could do the same if they just want to and make users happy. Isn't that a great idea?

  • I think they have proven that they don't care about our satisfaction.

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