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Option to disable edge tool missing

I've only had my Zenfone 11 Ultra for a day, but every time I've opened the edge tool it's been by accident. I don't have much need for it anyway since all its shortcuts are also on quick settings or on my home screen.

It's my understanding the option to turn it off should be here -- Asus's help docs from 2022 show that it is -- yet, it's not there. There's just blank space where the option should be.


I really hope this is a bug rather than a feature, or that I can disable it somewhere else. I didn't pay $900 to not be able to customize things just the way I like them. 🙂


Star III

Did u press the text that says sidebar visibility settings? It is right there

Ah, I had it set to always show since I wanted to see where not to touch, but playing around with it now, the tool seems to be totally gone when set to Never. The docs I was looking at just had an on/off toggle at the top which is why I was confused. Thanks.