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No option to remove camer app from lock screen? Why?

Star I
I've seen the previous threads and all the MODs commenting "if you don`t want access to the camera just remove it from permission manager". Like, why do I have to keep closing the camera app everytime I want to unlock my screen? Just why?
I don't get it. The camera app DOES NOT NEED TO BE THERE. IT DOES NOT. I should be able to customise my lock screen and not be obliged to comply with design faults. I have been buying Asus phones since Asus Zenfone 3, but if you keep ruining the software I'm going back to samsungs, cause really, the only difference is the price and the software. I liked the original Asus software, but it seems your company wants to keep making bad design choices - like removing the extra button on the side from Asus Zenfone 6? ...I don't get it. Keep doing that and lose customers if that's what you want, or at least try to hear the complaints.

Everyone hates the lock screen camera, why not remove it or at least add the option to remove it -- Like it was in the past?