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Since Android 14 update, ZenFone 9 can't connect to bluetooth earbuds

Star I

Since the Android 14 update, ZenFone 9 is unable to connect to some bluetooth devices, namely JBL and Edifier wireless earbuds. The device shows up in the bluetooth list, and does go to "connecting" state, but then just jumps back to not connected. I have tried resetting the devices, restarting the phone, but no luck. Same bluetooth devices keep working with other phones.

Headphones, speakers, and car connection are not affected.

Anyone experiencing similar issues?

(Oh yeah, and quick settings are messed up as well, like others mentioned.)


Zen Master I

The same thing happened to me with the bluetooth car when I installed the first beta of A14. 

 Fix it by "forgetting" the device, rebooting, and plugging it back in. From that moment on, it has been running smoothly.