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My Zenfone 8 that I purchased in may last year broke due to dropping it on the ground.

Consequently I bought a new one since I'm very pleased with this model, specifically due to it's absence of PWM. However I noted something peculiar with the new one I got which disturbs me.

Firstly it's made in Indonesia which if I recall correctly my original one wasn't . Secondly the backside of the phone now has a different text. Instead of "Asus Zenfone" it now just says "mobile phone designed by ASUS". What happened here?

Additionally I now suspect more changes have been made on this very same model. For example I experience the screen to be brighter than my original one was when it was new. Also the build quality and screen touch responsivness feels different (feels slightly ticker). Anyone? Is this normal? Do you know why the production seems to have changed? Are there still batches of the original stock to be found in stores? Would also be interesting if a new PWM test is made with what appears to be the new production line.


  • I don't think I have ever seen people complaining about this. Maybe you got a fake unit (or more likely a store display unit), even though that is unlikely. If you could take pictures that would be interesting to have. If you have any doubts you should go to the store you purchased it from in case they gave you an earlier display unit for example

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    Well, since I was very pleased with the last one and I'm sensitive to pwm flickering I want to make sure that this new one isn't differing in that aspect. See the attached picture of the old and new one.

    I don't think it's an older model. It seems to be manufactured in november so not likely to be an older model or similar. Maybe they have changed their production due to the faulty motherboards?

  • Also, I just weighed it and the new one weighs 3 grams more than the old one. This is too much to not be remarkable.

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    How about to show us MFD which is on the box?

    By the way I think it's better to cover up your s/n and IMEI numbers. Or at least partially. :)

    I heard that there are some units made after 07.2021, but never seen any of them.

  • I don't know how to erase the photo. Seems there is no tool for that in here.

    The MFD says 2021.11

  • Seeing the photo, it looks like a slightly revised version to me, maybe the 3g more is linked to a different part that could have caused the ramdumps on earlier units (100% speculation though)

  • Hi @Evolution101

    I modified your post picture to remove your SN details.

    Regarding your question, ASUS uses a combination of production sites, this is a legit model just with a slight design variation.

  • I'm from indonesia. The phone i bought here was produced on august 2021 by "SAT Nusapersada" company which placed in Batam, Riau. I think we got our phone from the same manufacturer. Maybe you can check the back of your box, there should be written something like "Produced by : PT. SAT Nusapersada, Tbk"

  • Mine doesn't have the same amount of info on it. I can just see that it's made in Indonesia.

  • That's too bad. So no detailed info about where the phone was produced?

  • Your batch might be a newer version after Asus launch in India. I heard there is a dispute on the name "Zenfone". So probably Asus just removed the name on the new batch. Good thing is, yours might be more resilient from the ram dump issue..just my speculation :)

  • It's very similar to Zenfone 6 in terms of back panel layout. So this could be an India version

  • Ok, fair enough. Although I wonder why I would get an India version in Sweden? It's a European edition.

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