ZenBook-Pro-Duo-15-OLED-UX582 release date?



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    and in your Ux582 you can also hear this pulsating vibrato in this Windows notification?

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    Yes. It is a sound meant to grab attention and be a notification. How about other things you listen to? How do YouTube videos sound? How does voice conversation sound? Does everything buzz in your left speaker? If so you would certainly have cause to replace the computer.

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    It is hard for me to believe that you cannot hear this buzzing. I have another suggestion. You cannot hear this buzzing during headphones playback. Compare on the headphones the recorded sound with the same sound played in the Windows in your laptop. Let me know if you can see the difference and can you already hear the buzzing in my record?

  • What did you use to make the recording?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I got my laptop UX582LR H901TS (i9 10980 , 3070) on July 22nd 2021 and after a couple of hours of use, I could feel that the left speaker is of substandard quality.

    The windows notification sound is the perfect frequency to check this problem.

    I checked with my local Asus team in India and they made a DOA (Dead on arrival) for the same as it was a clear example of a rattling speaker.

    Today, on August 2nd, I got a fresh sealed box of the same, and this time the left speaker is even worse.

    A video clip played automatically after I was testing the 4k oled quality on the Costa Rica clip on YouTube. As I am not allowed to share links on the forum right away, please search for this title on YouTube


    The left speaker is rattling and buzzing to an extent that you can't listen to this music for more than 5 minutes.

    I messaged an Asus senior product manager besed in Taiwan on LinkedIn, who supposedly developed the Zenbook Pro Duo series, and he responded by saying that they will work on the speaker system in the next Zenbook Pro Duo and then it should be able to compete with MacBook Pro. I was surprised, how unconfident he was with this laptop. I think he doesn't know that anyone who is buying this laptop can easily afford a MacBook Pro, but decided to buy a Zenbook Pro Duo, because they know its better. Anyways, I wait further to hear from my local Asus team.

    I recommend everyone to test their speaker using the following YouTube video


    Further, I checked it is rattling from 180Hz upto 600Hz.

    You can check using the video with the title as following

    20Hz to 20kHz (Human Audio Spectrum)



  • I'm a classical pianist and a bit of an audiophile. I've had my UX582 i9 since Jul 8. I've listened to a good bit of music and many YouTube videos. I've been quite pleased with the audio quality of my UX582. For a notebook computer, I consider my speakers to be quite good.

    I listened to the SPACE NEBULAS you described. I found the recording to be over driven into distortion. I certainly wouldn't consider that recording to be any kind of speaker test.

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