Slow download speed in wifi

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When i connect my asus rog phone 5 to my wifi, downlaod speed is not crossing more than 4 mbps but my upload speed is crossing 50 mbps. I have connected other mobiles to the same network they are reaching 50+ mbps for both download and upload. Then i have connected my laptop to same network via ethernet and created a hotspot ,when i connected my rog 5 to this hotspot network i don't see any issues with downlaod speed.

Kindly let me know if someone knows the solution for this issue.


  • Actaully it depends on your mobile version and software too but if you're getting 50 mbps speed on all's device but not on your asus device.

    If it doesnt work then highly recommend you to must have check with customer service center . they'll guide you better and resolve the software or network coverage issue on your device.

    Let me know if i can help you more?

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    Change your wifi router channel width to 20MHz only, the problem is 40MHz and has not been solved even in the last update

  • I'm having a 2.4 GHz router, can you kindly share me the complete settings for the router to fix this issue.

  • hey @dharun raj

    Check this out - (https://www.pcmag. com/how-to/how-to-set-up-and-optimize-your-wireless-router-for-the-best-wi-fi-performance )

  • Just login to your router system, go to wlan setting and change the channel bandwith from Auto 20/40MHz to 20MHz

  • It's hard to know if your ROG 5 doesn't like your router or if it's the other way around, but it's obvious that there are some compatibility issues. Maybe this is a software bug or maybe you just need to change some settings

  • I have changed my channel width from auto to 20MHz like suggested above. This fixed this issue. I guess there is a software bug in rog 5.

  • I do have the same issue..

  • Dear all i have explained it earlier also in some other thread that WiFi speed doesn't only depend on the phone but several other factors in your surroundings. As of Rog 5 since the 1st firmware packed with the phone,the phone did not have any WiFi speed issues like in Rog 3(which has been also fixed). You may tweak the router settings and check out some other videos that may give you the full potential of your WiFi speed. Even with the latest firmware .86 i have noticed no change in speed with my 75mbps speeds which i get constant.

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