ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV. Official support for Windows 10 20H2.



  • Same issue here: manually trying to update from 1909 to 20H2 it always crashes on blue screen at 48% of progress, and then rolls back to the previous version. Need to mention that automatic Windows update never offers this update, I can find it only with the help of Windows 10 update assistant.

    In my unit it also appeared a red vertical line on the screenpad, which obviously was just a screenpad mechanical pixel error. I brought the computer to service, and now received it back after a month. Reason to give it to service was those two errors: windows update fail and pixel errors.

    Result: top case with integrated screenpad was replaced, but windows has still version 1909. Comments from the service was that Asus officially supports only 1909 Windows on UX581GV. How this is possible?? 3000€ laptop which runs only on 1,5 year old Windows! Some applications are not anymore supporting that old Windows version, so this laptop is total garbage! Worst purchase I've ever made. Why is Asus not fixing this obvious issue on their flagship computer?

    Another issue is that the new screenpad has strongly yellowish colors. Old one had "normal" colors, but on this one white is almost yellow. On display settings everything is on default, main screen has color profile ASUS_UX581GV_8086_834CA029_CMDEF, which I'm not able to change. 2nd screen, the screenpad, doesn't have any option to choose for color profile. Does this sound as a normal? Do you guys have a yellowish colors on screenpad?

  • try to follow my instruction way. (on youre own risk) Now i can make the sound ever louder with the new installed realtek audio console.

    my 2nd screen was before i updated similar to yours.

  • I almost don't believe it, but that really worked! After literally 100 unsuccesful updates this 3rd party software helped. It installed or updated plenty of drivers. Now I have 20H2 installed. Question iremains of course, what will happen with the next updates.

    So everything seems to work, BUT: CPU performance is about 40% lower than before. Power setups are at maximum, but on 3dmark and Cinebench CPU scores are significantly lower than before (Fire Strike CPU score 14000 -> 10000, Cinebench 6300 -> 5000). On advanced power management there doesn't appear any option to change processor power profile. Any thoughts?

    Screenpad has still yellow color tone. Is there any settings to manage color profile on screenpad? Settings on MyAsus affects only the main screen.

  • This solution solved my Problem. Thanks Rollfire :)

  • What about your CPU performance? Is it as it should be?

  • My Cinebench R23 Multicore is 6350 (UX581GV-2004t) Singlecore 1027.

  • Ok, I see.

    Could you guys give me any advice what should I do? My Cinebench R23 dropped from 6300 to 5000. Graphic performance is the same than before, in 3Dmark only physics test score dropped from 14000 to 10-11000. Graphics score is the same 15000, as it was before. I haven't changed any settings, and the slider behind the battery logo is of course set on the highest performance.

    The problem is now, that I'm not sure did this lack of performance appear after the service where they replaced the screenpad, or just after the Windows update. I managed to update the Windows right after the service, using instructions from Rollfire.

  • Ok, I see.

    Could you guys give me any advice? My Cinebench R23 dropped from 6300 to 5000. On 3dmark I get the same graphics score than before, but physics score dropped from 14000 to 10-11000.

    The problem is, that I don't know did this lack of performance appear already after the service where they replaced the screenpad, or just after the Windows update. I managed to update the Windows just after the service, using instructions from Rollfire.

    I didn't change any settings, and the slider behind the battery logo is of course set to highest performance.

    I have 9750H.

  • First of all I don't have your model laptop.

    did you checked cinebench with connected AC adapter ?.

    benchmark with connected charger gives better than battery power.

    steps to be taken.

    1. uninstall very rarely used application's.

    2. delete all Startup items under task manager.

    3.delete all applications registry key under RUN.

    4. use CCleaner software to clean registry keys.

    5. delete all tasks registered under task scheduler.

    6. set unwanted services startup type to manual.

  • Good CPU Performance with program run or not run

  • Thanks for your reply.

    My model is UX581GV-H2004R (9750H, 16GB, 512GB, RTX 2060).

    1. This has fresh Windows installation after the service, only very few applications installed (3dmark, cinebench..)
    2. Done
    3. This I'm not sure what you mean
    4. Done
    5. Also not sure what does this mean
    6. Not sure again...

    To put it short, everything is pretty much on stock settings, and I never before needed to touch registry keys etc. Just now after the screenpad replacement and finally succesful Windows update from 1909 to 20H2, the processor performance got significant hit. System performance on everyday tasks is still excellent, but you can see an obvious difference on synthetic tests, and on gaming most likely as well.

    I have an idea: is it possible that during the screenpad replacement they somehow screwed up the processor cooling, or something similar? And that's why it is performing lower?

  • open task scheduler , expand all folder, you can see list of applications are registered for scheduling tasks.

    that means if you are working on laptop , then also many applications are running background.

  • Ok, I tried this now, removed all scheduled tasks. I just hope this doesn't lead to some other problems, since I newer before needed to touch those.

    In any case, this didn't make any boost to CPU performance. Fire Strike still hits only 10000+ on physics score (used to be 14000+).

    Something is fundamentally wrong with the CPU. It's like 6 cores were replaced by 4 core processor. As I mentioned, on 3dmark the graphics score is on normal level 15000, only CPU test has problems.

    Additionally noticed also that the full system scan on Windows defender took over 3 hours, even though the SSD is pretty much empty. It used to take something like under 1 hour, even with full SSD.

  • go to settings, click on battery, scroll down ,

    choose time period 1 week under Battery usage per app

    now click on each app, you will see there options

    1. always

    2. Let windows decide


    if you have installed some applications manually so you should choose never.

    Note: For few applications you will see 3 options. not all applications have above options.

    restart windows, if the chosed applications does not work properly means you can choose Let windows will decide.

  • I don't understand how that could help anyhow. We are talking about performance pluged in. Battery performance is different case, and not interested on that.

  • Similar issue here when updating to 20H2. When it reaches 48%, th eprocess stops and reverts back to 1909. Is there any plan by ASUS to rectify this situation? If I am not sure that a flagship 3000+ laptop won't allow the latest and best, I think I should use the 90-day return policy and move elsewhere.

    Before I do, are there any plans to rectify the incompatibility?

  • Rollfire advice worked for me, but the performance is now crippled. Seems need to bring it back to service anyway.

    If I was you, I would return the computer, if there´s still a posibility for that.

  • i think it has something to do with your screenpad-replacement. My System is at the normal speed after the update.

    Dboukas should make a speedtest before and after the update, then he knows. You also can set your systrem back to 1909, to compare the speed.

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